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Ferro Alloys

1- Bulk Alloys

Bulk Alloys are the alloys of Chromium, Manganese, Silicon, Magnesium etc. in alloy form with iron (Fe). Bulk Alloys are added to steel during the manufacturing process to achieve the desired degree of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, tensile strength, yield strength and other qualities.

2- Noble Alloys

Noble Ferro alloys are one of the vital inputs required for producing special types of steel and used as additive inputs especially in the Production of Alloy and special steels. We are offering a wide range of Noble Ferro Alloys as following.

3-Other alloys

a- Nickel alloys, b- Cobalt Alloys, C- Chromium Briquettes Degassed, d- Chromium Metal Powder, e- Titanium (Ti), f- TANTALUM POWDER

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