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Raw & Refractory Materials

Raw materials for refractory products

such as sintered magnesia (DBM in various grades), fused alumina, fused magnesia, alumina, bauxite, and natural flake graphite. 3.2- Refractory products for steel industries:

Unshaped refractory materials

includes all kinds of refractory materials like . Magnesia and alumina based, hot and Cold Repair of banks, launders / slag doors area . Patching, gunning & kinds of mortars

Shaped refractory materials

includes pre-cast and cured shapes based on High . Alumina, Magnesia and Silicon Carbide raw materials like Stream Guides, Wiers, Dams, . Purging Beams, Impact Pads, Well Blocks for Steel Industry, and all special shapes . Suitable for steel industries.

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